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to the headaches commuters are dealing with. first we begin with ktvu's sal castaneda in the traffic center. >> reporter: it is improving. a lot of people this afternoon started leaving very early. what is not good is we saw our photographer ben cruz driving on city streets trying to get to the bridge. what has improved. north bound 101 the slow traffic begins aroundverment street. that is not -- aroundverment street. that is not bad. -- around vermont street. that is not as bad. the heaviest commute this afternoon was in the 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. hour. one last thing i want to mention, this morning's commute was very slow. we are expecting the same thing tomorrow. got slow at 5:30. >> thank you. for those hoping for commute relief tomorrow, there are no signs to end the strike. ktvu's ken pritchett is monitoring the situations. any word from either side on whether there are talks planned? >> reporter: no. we are in front of the caltrans building here. this was neutral ground last night when they met to try to hammer out a deal. they failed and they are not here today. they did not meet at
riders are getting. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live at the ferry building. some are wondering if it would be handled better if it was private. >> reporter: generations ago most public transit was publicly owned. >> reporter: the east bay ferries are publicly owned, a private company operates them. >> the answer is to let the ferry service run bart. >> reporter: some say -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: new york's ferries, denver and atlantic city and allowing private competition in miami and atlanta. what do passengers think about privatizing bart? >> i should be considered. i can't fathom the difficulties and benefits on that. it should be considered. >> reporter: the anger does not support privatization. >> i think keeping it public is fine. >> this is a public services and it should be for better or worse. >> reporter: he says if the strike were to drag out riders might prefer a lesser evil. >> not taking a lot of the important public good of -- into consideration. >> reporter: every rider agreed on this -- >> they had more than enough time to come to a agreement
starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> goodly evening. i'm ken wayne. >> good evening. union workers set to strike at midnight. unless of course a new contract has reached. negotiations resumed a new time ago bringing new hope bart's new strike in 16 years will be averted. we have team coverage for you tonight including options for commuters in the event of a strike. we begin with ken with the latest on negotiations. >> reporter: this has been a day of changed locations waiting for these negotiations to begin. representatives of bart and unions are inside the cal trans building here. they arrived here about 3:30 this afternoon to resume those talks. and just a few minutes ago a bart spokes person came out and gave an update. and alicia joins me now. what can you tell us about what both sides are doing? >> the good news is we're in the same building talking and that's different from this morning and last night. we're trying to avoid a strike. we don't want to burden the area. we're going to be here through the evening down to the wire. hopefully we can extend talks. the
. our ktvu's photo journivist making his way back to -- journalist making his way back to san francisco. this is a live look inside his van. we have a clock there on your screen. we just started the clock and we will time how long it takes for him to cross the bay bridge at the height of the commute. we will check in with ben throughout the newscast. >>> happening now, a worker's rally began in san francisco at the bart station and striking oakland city workers are expected to join. we are live at the event. ktvu's david stevenson is there as well watching and listening to what is being said. he will have a report coming up at 5:30 p.m. >>> while that rally is going on in san francisco, little action with negotiations ktvu's ken pritchett is trying to find out why there haven't been face to face negotiations. ken, what is going on. >> reporter: outside the caltrans building. this is neutral ground last night when bart and union representatives met before the talks broke down before the strike. if they meet again they will meet at this location. both sides blame the other sides. >> repor
vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >>> livermore, some of the heat in the inland areas have been oppressive. this heat wave is about to break. ktvu's mark tamayo is here with a look at the temperatures. >> finally changes around the corner. day 7 of temperatures at or above 100 degrees. we have been talking about this since saturday morning. remains in place for a few more hours, till 7:00 p.m. tonight for the valleys, the south bay and the mountains. the temperatures above 100 degrees. livermore from last week, 28 through today, high of 102 degrees this afternoon in livermore. as far as current temperatures right now. it is still hot. watt mull creek -- walnut creak 100. oakland 78. cooler near the shoreline and san francisco. coming up, we will look at the fireworks forecast for this evening. the big change you can expect for friday temperatures and a quick peak at your weekend. >>> getting into san francisco may be difficult due to the bart strike. a live picture of the toll plaza. it is backed up already. although the lanes in the middle are fast track. they are moving well. once you ge
on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday. june 28th i'm pam cook. >> yes, it is pam. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you say steve is hot. >> no, no pam is hot. but it's going to be hot. i like the hair up by the way. it looks very nice. we do have already clear conditions now. by the coast there is some fog. very similar to yesterday. you might have sunshine and go up to highway 1 you may hit some fog. it will start off warm and it will get warm to hot. here is sal. >>> good morning. if you are driving on highway 4 or soon, westbound traffic is light. coming in through antioch it's getting busy. if you are driving to the golden gate bridge, the fog is not there this morning like it was in the last few days. it's clear and the traffic looks good. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are starting with developing story that threatens to cripple the bay area commute. bart union workers are given notice they may go on strike monday morning. tara moriarty is in oakland right now where both sides in this labor dispute go
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news 5:00 p.m. >>> live pictures from news chopper 2, there you see the freeway heading towards the bay bridge. people are trying to get home without the bart trains. in san francisco, drivers inch their way towards the bay bridge. ktvu's sal castaneda has beentricking traffic -- been tracking traffic. a look at what is happening in the east bay. >> reporter: a lot of people have been ing abt san francisco and we saw that picture. the san mateo bridge. eastbound is not all that bad. it is slow getting out to 880. in san francisco the back up has improved. it was backed up to 280. as you saw with our camera on city streets, it has been slow getting to the bridge as we go back to news chopper 2. this is the slow traffic. cars from the financial district trying to get up on the streets. ben, our photographer in the car is taking a long time to get on to the bridge. first street, harrison street. here is ben. i think she coming up on the ferry building all. taking him a while -- ferry building. takin
as the important decisions being made about the immediate future. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the camp offices are in san francisco. tonight the director acknowledged the death of the staff member and the four that were hurt are all doing well. he said the campers are doing well and participating in camp activities away from the scene. our staff therapists are working with grief experts to care for our community in this difficult time. >>> developing news tonight, san francisco city college is going to lose its accreditation next year. the president said this is really bad for san francisco. ktvu's noelle walker is live with details on the decision and what it could mean for the 86,000 students who attend san francisco city college. >> reporter: word is starting to get out on this campus, 85,000 students. one student said that is just great. he doesn't know what he will do. news chopper 2 up above the scene. there were going to be people here for a rally to support san francisco city college. there is a rally planned next week as well. i was on a teleconference with the san francisco c
the celebrating is happening in san francisco. >> reporting live in san francisco, janet kasayama ktvu channel 2 news. >>> supporters of same-sex marriage are celebrating tonight in the south bay, as well. >> the rally sponsors include san jose pride at work, marriage equality. >> this all started back in 2004, when then mayor gavin newsem began handing out marriage licenses. >> the in 2008, the marriage resumed, having the right to marry. >> this door's wide open now. it's going to happen whether you like it or not. >> today, the lieutenant governor called it, quote, a remarkable journey that we are still on. >> it's a journey that inspires. >> it doesn't coerce. we're not motivated by this cause of e quality -- equality, we're inspired by it. >> the lieutenant governor was joined by phyllis lion. she and her late wife in 2004 were the same, same-sex marriage couple. they basked in their moments in the city hall rotunda. >> our ken pritchard reports on those who careered and blasted today's supreme court ruling >> reporter: there was no capital really, just a handful of prop 8 backers showing t
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel two news at noon. >> we are trying to negotiate a deal at the table, we are committed to being at the table as many hours as it takes. >> contract talks continue after they vote to authorize a strike. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, labor negotiations are underway now between bart and its workers in an effort to avoid a strike as early as monday morning. sal castaneda joins us live from bart headquarters to let us know about major progress being made. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, as you mentioned negotiations have been going on for about an hour. now you also mentioned that monday there could be a strike, if they don't reach a deal, so union and management realize that you know it is down to the wire. i just got some new information recently that bart has put a new deal on the table. they say they hope this goes a long way into making those talks work. >> certainly from our point of view our negotiators are available when necessary for as long as necessary to resolve these issu
before his arrest. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. june 28th i'm pam cook. >> it's a friday. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. we are going to steve first. we don't need a jacket or sweater. >> parts of the coast. but inland no. there will be a big difference in some of the temps. some of that fog can be down right cold. there is a little bit but inland fetches it won't matter. 90s and 100s. here is sal. >>> steve, northbound 101 that doesn't look bad driving up to the santa clara valley. also the morning commute looks good on westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are beginning with developing news. bart unions issued an official warning to bay area commuters. they may go on strike monday morning. a walk out that will shut down the entire transit system. we have live team coverage. katie utehs is covering how commuters are getting ready for a possible strike. we will start with ktvu tara moriarty. tell us more about this 72 hour strike
weddings through the evening. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we were there when the first same-sex couple tied the knot today in alameda county just a few hours ago. >> i give you this ring. >> i give you this ring. >> julie and lulu cook exchanged vows. the couple says they've been together for a little over two years. >> it just feels really comfortable and really right to me. i don't think it should have been such a big deal for a really long time. i mean, god just put us here to love each other. >> the couple said they were shocked to learn they were the first same-sex couple to be wed in alameda county since the stay was lifted. the wedding bells will keep ringing. the clerk's office will stay open until 8:00 tonight. they'll be open on saturday and sunday. the clerk closed at 5:30 tonight. the santa clara county clerk will be open on monday. >>> now to our other big story. the heat is on and it's about to get even hotter. here's a live look downtown san jose where it's 92 degrees. >> starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning, the santa clara valley will be under a
the weekend reporting live, david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the clerk office scrambled to accommodate the same sex couples after today's surprising order. the first same sex tied the not in that county. the office is now closed. anyone who wants to get marriedy the office on monday. alameda county opens up at 8:30 and santa clara opens at 9 a.m.. one of the lawyers defended the proposition 8 called this a disgrace full day in california. this day has been obtained by an ill legitimate means. they should be ashamed. the statement did not say whether proposition 8 opponents would try to appeal the listing of this day. >>> san francisco pride weekend officially kicks off tonight s the trans march. the theme this year is a decade of change. it is a preview of the sunday big parade. >> we have been working with all levels with the city and the police to make sure we have a safe secure for this year's pride. >>> the barricades are in place and the castro district is ready. extra vendors will be there and a portion of the proceeds going to benefit many city agencies. >>> the possible bart st
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> is bart doesn't want to strike. bart is negotiating. >> we are at the end of the play and unfortunately the riders are being affect. >> moving closer to a strike. a disappointing day of negotiations leaves leaders frustrated. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes we begin with the very latest on the looming bart strike. it is drawing closer, and that is unless last-minute deal is reached. talk between sides ended early today with no agreement. bart employees' contract expires tomorrow at midnight and they are threatening to strike on monday. kiro 7's debora villalon is live at bart headquarters with how negotiations went from bad to worse and also what is next? >> reporter: heather, to hear the unions tell it their barge ying team all day yesterday and today in those rooms waiting for face-to- face talks that never happened. so they left. picket signs pointing the way to a strike, and they are being made this eke by union leaders who had walked out
s >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> commuters caught by a second day waited in long lines for alternate forms of transportation. the latest on the talk between bart and the union. the latest on the toll gate bridge. and the shooting at the theater in oakland and now we hear from the police chief. >>> i'm tori campbell. union workers rallying and commuters left scrambling. we're following all angles. today, there were long lines at the ferries, ac transit stops and, of course, the bay bridge toll plas a sal castaneda just talked to both sides. any ideas, sal? >> reporter: there's several different ways, and so far, no new talks have been scheduled. it appears that the public sentiment may be getting back. since talks broke down sunday night, there have been no new bargaining sessions. today, bart told us how much this strike is costing the agency. >> in revenue, we lose about a million dollars a day. even though we're saving on labor costs, because our employees aren't getting paid, we're still losing money because o
ktvu cameras were the only ones allowed into a last minute energy meeting. the locals say they're not taking the deadline for granted and rushed back to the negotiating table before 5:00. for those drivers on the line today, the reason for their solidarity is clear. >> for me it's just recession was a couple of years ago. so everyone took a hit. all us employees are just asking what we can had. >> reporter: he still thinks a deal can be done. >> it's not about the leverage, it's about what's fair. you know it's about what's fair. >> i would like to see a pay raise because we haven't seen a pay raise in 11 years. it's been a long time for us. >> reporter: local 56 thinks that they contend to injuries. the district argues that claims and osha logs show there's no significant increase in injuries over last year so the debate continues. >> i hope we can settle something out because you know it's still better for the riding public. i still care about the people that are out there on the streets. >> that was jade hernandez reporting. stay with ktvu tomorrow morning for more on the b.
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> -- monday, we will be on strike. [ cheers ] >> the bay area is already fasting a possible bart strike monday morning and now union workers with the city of oakland say they, too, will be on strike. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> first, though, we begin with breaking news, also involving bart. trains are not stopping at the el cerrito plaza station because of police activity. we are getting reports of a shooting at the station. so bart trains are still operating right now but again they are not stopping at the el cerrito plaza station, passing through the station, we have a crew on the way and well bring you more information on the story before the end of this newscast. >>> now back to oakland, where workers say the city is using dishonest budget numbers to underestimate revenue. so they are calling for a one day general strike on monday. union leaders held a news conference today in front of city hall. they say employees want a small cost of living increase and the ci
in the past and what they are asking for is fair. >>> stay with ktvu for complete coverage. we will send out media letters on the strike decision as it happens. just follow ktvu on twitter or like us on the ktvu facebook page and we'll bring you a special edition of ktvu morning news beginning at 4:00 a.m. >> we are also following another developing story tonight on transit workers. they too are threatening to strike tomorrow. if they walk off the job, it would be double trouble for east bay commuters. union workers just held their own emergency meeting. erik? >> reporter: that meeting just broke up in the last hour. we were not allowed inside to listen to what they were talking about. one person who was there told me she counted more than 500 union workers at this meeting that happened back here in this hall. they say they don't want a strike but seemed more than ready to do that e exactly that when they packed in today. the union local 192 represents more than 1700 bus drivers, mechanics dispatchers and others who work for ac transit. their contract expires at midnight. the union has said
an updates by the party when these talks will conclude sometimes tonight, chris pritchett. ktvu channel 2 news. >> but the unions rep says bart workers has considerable skills during the years of the job making them valuable and difficult to replace. the unions says it should be seen as perspective. >> it is actually the minimum wage that people says according to the government. these workers are not well off. >> the most of them are executives, specialists and police officers, 147 bart employees made more than $200, 000 a year. >>> baseball fans, eric masser rasmussen is outside. >> reporter: you know a's has nearly 12000 parking spae. with the station just outside o. they were not happen that it is still shut down because of the strike. >> we set up special cameras to capture the parking lots filling up before the hours of the a's game. at $17 a car, ryan is among other fans. >> all the time to get down here to the game. >> today the bart station leads right into the coliseum remains empty. the overpass is closed off. >> we know that bart is an important factor of getting the people to
are calling for bus only lanes during the commute. >> we're live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if the trains don't roll, it could complicate plans for the weekend. >> specialists are preparing the fireworks show for san francisco, more than 200,000 people are expected on the waterfront. >> many people decided to drive their cars in. service is going to be limited. >> we'll have additional service within san francisco, but not necessarily anything specific, shuttles coming from the east bay or north bay. >> it's not just the 4th of july celebration, thousands of people are also expected for that. >> a 21-year-old camp counselor was killed at a jewish camp outside yosimete. >> camp towango is staying open for now, but some acknowledge it won't be the same happy camp before this morning's accident. >> camp officials sent letters to parents confirming staff member written berg was called when a large section of a 70-foot okay tree crashed near the camp dining room. >> it hit should power lines so we had to wait for pg&e to get here to remove the power from the lines so cal fire
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> celebrating our nation's independence, how the bay area is marking this 4th of july holiday. >>> good afternoon, i am claudine wong in for tori campbell. >>> parades and celebration are already in full swing. ♪ [ music ] >> the danville 4th of july parade drew crowds of spectators to lined harts avenue and cheered the loudest for the servicemen and women who marched, sponsored by the kiawanas club and raises funds for community service groups. >>> and san jose just aped up its own 4th of july parade, veterans groups, classic cars uncle sam and antique vehicles and even a contingent of giants fans, the parade ended with a picnic on the alameda. >>> day 4 of the bart strike and right now both sides are back at the table trying to hammer out a deal on this 4th of july. they started meeting at 11:00 this morning. sal castaneda is live in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: we have been here and when both sides arrived we tried to ask them questions at the negotiations site here. w
to resume service. a traffic officer said this evening's commute was the worst yet. we begin with ktvu's heather holmes. >> reporter: frank the good news is they're still at it. both commuters and employees hope the next time they break, it's to come down here and make an announcement that a deal has been reached. it was the third day of labor pains for commuters standing in line at this bus stop in oakland. >> this b.a.r.t. thing is just crazy. >> reporter: and for striking employees, who rallied tonight outside the building where negotiations are taking place. >> i'm ready to go back. >> reporter: leo ruiz is one of those meeting behind doors. >> we're working on it. we're working, and that's all i can say, i can't say anything else. >> reporter: as stations remained close, pressure is mounting for the two sides to resume a deal. >> we'll keep talking, we'll keep working to get the trains going. >> reporter: for now, the trains sit idle, making things miserable for this college student. >> it's ridiculous. i'm late for classes. it's frustrating. >> reporter: and stressful for b.a.r.t
continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us june 27th, i am pam cook. >> can you scare up some sunshine today? >> well for most, is it going to be muggy again? >> the higher humidity is there but except for that fog. 60s and 70s and 80s, there is going to be a pretty good summertime pattern if you are far enough away from the coast, here is sal. >>> northbound 101 as you drive across town to the 808 split in san -- 880 split in san francisco, but thick fog is on the span, let's go back to the desk. >>> we are topping our 6:00 hour with some breaking news, a fatal shooting in oakland and i want to take you live to the scene, it is a huge police response, that neighborhood is cordoned off with the police tape and this is a live picture with what is going on today. this is a street in oakland and we are told, there is a number of people standing nearby and we are not sure if they are possible witnesses to what happened and there is a number of people out on their balconies to see a very active sce
traffic around the bay. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >>> meanwhile, a union representing ac transit workers says there are not nearly enough buses who take bart. >> the contract expires on sunday, the same day between bart and its union ends. >> however, there is currently no threat of an ac transit strike. >> the santa clara bomb squad detonated gran aids this morning. >> authorities say three world war ii era gran aids were found at a home on chelsea drive in unincorporated santa clara county. >> the person what lived there passed away and a caregiver found the box. >> the sheriff's office was called and it evacuated the area. >> everyone was allowed to return by 2:30 afternoon. >>> governor brown signed an on time balanced budget for california. >> ken pritchard reports from the capital, and how healthcare received the most out of this budget. >> a public signing of a budget. >> it is usually a good sign. >> it is a big day for schoolkids, a big day for californiians who don't have healthcare or adequate healthcare. >> more money targeting districts, k through 12. >> san francisco will s
. ktvu spoke exclusively with keith michael douglas. he's accused of stealing $2700. dennis served as the pta volunteer secretary. >> i'm very embarrassed to be in the situation. i just hope it's good remedy. >> dennis turned himself in on wednesday and expected to make his first court appearance next month. he's been charged with four felonies including grand theft, embezzle, and two counts of forgement. >>> the munich bound flight landed safely in seattle just before midnight. no one was hurt but emergency crews treated three people. it could not determine exactly where the smell came from. the flight was canceled as a precaution. >>> organizers of this weekend's san francisco gay pride celebration says it's shaping up to become the largest in history. business owners in the castro district expect sales to exceed previous years. some hotels in downtown san francisco offering gay pride packages are booked solid. festival organizers credit the joy over wednesday's court decision. >> it's all about timing. and i'm really inspired and humbled to be doing this work and seeing kind of
will see their current contract expire and they are poised to hit the picket lines. ktvu's deborah villalon has moved from where the negotiations broke off and now she joins us from the b.a.r.t. workers union hall in oakland with the latest, deborah. >> reporter: that's right there was nothing going on at the talks as we've been reporting. they ended about two hours ago so we came to see what the union members are doing now and what their plans are. we're with josie munoz, tell me who you represent. >> we represent technical workers and clerical workers as well as utility workers etc. >> reporter: that's pretty much everybody by the station agents and train operators. your have broken talks as the unions wake out. >> that's completely untrue. we were told by management that they would have no new proposals for us on our new two central issues. one is the safety of the riders and of the workers. also an economic proposal that puts workers no further ahead in four years from now than they are currently today. >> reporter: you took a strike vote a week ago, almost a week ago. and it seems noth
need to find another way to get around. ktvu alex savidge begins our team coverage this morning. alex is in san francisco where some bart workers are walking the picket line. alex. >> reporter: they are. they have been out here for the last couple of hours this morning. striking bart workers tell me they really feel sorry for commuters it had to come to this. they said they had no other choice. i want to show you the scene. you can see a group of about a dozen or so striking bart workers. union employees with picket signs standing here outside of the civic center bart station right now. a total of about 2400 bart employees are on strike this morning. and service across the system is shut down. these employees include train operators, station agents, and maintenance workers. this all comes after negotiations broke off last night between bart management and two employee unions. a negotiator i talked with out here this morning tells me the the major sticking points in those negotiations were addressing safety concerns include lighting in many ostiums. pay was another big issue. the lates
'll be monitoring the talks and will have a full report tonight at 6:00. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. >>> meanwhile, b.a.r.t. will continue shuttle service from five east bay stations to san francisco tomorrow. for the 4th of july. but it will be scaled back to just once an hour. three buses will leave each station at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. the stations include walnut creek, dublin, fremont, el cerrito and west oakland. the san francisco dropoff and pick up location is near the transbay terminal. evening buses will leave at 4:00, 5:00:00, and 6 -- 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., assuming there is still a strike. this video was shot inside the montgomery station inside san francisco. the escalators are off and the ticket slots are backed by out of service stickers. >>> union workers and managers with ac transit will return today. the union will give a 24-hour notice if a strike is called by ac transit. many commuters are returning to the ferry system as the b.a.r.t. strike stretches on. san francisco-based ferry is transporting more than double its normal load of passengers. as
, ktvu channel 2 news. >> looks like they're still trying to clear the streets. have you seen an increase in police presence? >> reporter: absolutely. there was always a strong police presence. they've mostly stayed on the sidelines. the last half hour they've moved the crowd along. i haven't seen any trouble and hopefully it'll remain that way. >> hopefully so. amber lee live in san francisco. thanks. >>> there was dancing in the streets of oakland this evening. young and old, singles afamilies took part in the celebration there. mood was joyous. many said there is still work to be done. they will not be satisfied until same-sex marriage is legal across the country. the decisions come just before pride week in san francisco. saturday there will be a big celebration. sunday is the 43rd annual pride march. organizers say they're expecting the largest crowd they've ever had with almost a million and a half people. city hall is showing its pride tonight. not just the dome lit pup the the entire building is awash in the colors of the rainbow flag. there was a petition drive asking city hall t
in the conversation he referred me to his lawyer. reporting live in san jose, patti lee, ktvu news. >>> only on 2 tonight, a special gang task force is back on the street of san mateo county. and offers are on the way to making record arrests. authorities added to that total. eric rasmussen was there. >> reporter: officers escorted this wanted norteno gang member out of his family's home at the notorious 200 block apartments in san mateo county. earlier in the day, detectives got the word the 20-year-old was in violate of his probation. >> information coming in is also armed and dangerous. drug sales. >> reporter: detectives alfredo godino are among 20 members of law enforcement making the gang task force. in the last two weeks, this specialized team has made nearly 70 arrests throughout the county. >> it's actually on pace to set a new record even for our gang task force. >> reporter: officers have seized several high powered guns including a 12 gauge shotgun. >> part of the mission this summer is random searches of gang members who are on probation or parol. the man in question is already lock
're strategizing for day 2. reporting live tonight in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. those who traffic the flow of traffic say today was undoubtably the heaviest traffic they have seen in a very long time. at the toll plaza, a lot of drivers were paying cash. we're told the drive from walnut creek took about an hour and 45 minutes. that is twice as long as normal. and the macarthur maze was still backed up at 10:00 this morning. on a usual day, it would be smooth sailing by then. typically carrying 14,000 passengers from oakland, to san francisco. an official told us their bus has probably carried more than double that number of passengers today. >>> public transit alternatives can cost extra time and money. here is a comparison. the cost of an adult b.a.r.t. ticket from down to to the embarcadero is $3.15 one way. that ride normally takes about 11 minutes. the ac transit bus from oakland to san francisco is $4.20 one way. the san francisco bay ferry from oakland's jack london square to the ferry building costs $6.25 one way, and takes about 30 minutes.
more about the sticking points of this contract of what they are. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> meanwhile bartz's board of directors will meet for a special closed-door session at 11:00 in oakland and that's the same time they are set to resume just a few blocks away. >> for today, they are hiring a limit number of charter buses for people who have to work in the city. they are said to arrive later but space is limited. bart is only sending three buses to each location and they will own be sending them before 3:00 and 10:00. they will not be sending economic outlook and revenue assesment committee from services today. it is being scaled back because of the 4th of july holiday. people can get to the america's cup yacht races and other holiday events. fans are headed to the coliseum and another weekday service is expected to resume. >>> crews were ready preparing for a fireworks show however with no officials, they are going between 2:00 and 8:30 and return service will be between 10:00 and 11:30. >> they are moving through the embarcadero area because that is where the
on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thanks for waking up with us, i am in for pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, you are putting steve in charge of the weather. >> we can't see fireworks, we blame you, it is all your fault. >> i am not blaming you. we just want you to handle this. >> what is that from? >> on a holiday as well. >> it is really hot, some fog on the coast, it's not going to save anybody inland, 60s to 100s. >>> it looks good, not a bad drive at all, also we are looking at the commute here in san francisco, that traffic looks good to the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. >>> this 4th of july and the striking unions broke off after a marathon bargaining session. live in oakland to tell us about the new talks set for this morning, tara? >> as far as the deal, not even a glimmerrer of hope, 10 hours those talks lasted last night and they did take an hour break and they were trying to hammer out a deal but bart management was failing to reach an agreement. they began and ended talks at 11:00 last night as the two sides meet again at 11:00 this mo
janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 4:35. if you don't normally ride bart, expect a lot more commute on your ride to work. while most will get in cars, others will take ferries or buses. some may try to telecommute. bart says just before the workers walked out, sunday ridership set a new record. bart says as of 10:00 p.m. last night, more than 276,000 people road bart trains. that is 17,000 more than the previous sunday record. that record was set last year. later on this morning we will have the number of riders for the entire day. >>> san francisco international airport is offering transportation alternatives for officers if. san francisco car services they are increasing their availability as well. track drivers will be out there working -- extra drivers will be out there working. there was also a concern that ac transit may be going on strike. but we found out that ac transit will be operating its buses today. coming up at 4:45 tara moriarty will give us an update on the negotiations between the bus drivers and mechanics and their decision not to go on strike. >>> ba
, ktvu channel 2 news. >> to bring people into san francisco, however, after several minutes unions asked the protestors to let the busses proceed. the protestors complied and the demonstrators broke quickly without further the san francisco bay area -- added extended hours helping people to get where they needed to go. charlie says she had to deal with the traffic and headed home early, she's worried how long the strike can headed on. >> the golden gate was able to accommodate 180 more passengers but they add on usual commute days, they're operating at 100% capacity so they don't know how many extra riders they can accommodate. casual car pools pick up locations are south of market between beal and howard. shuttles are set to run every 15 minutes between international terminal at sfo. that's right next to the bart station. other shuttles are running on a limited schedule to and from san francisco. commuters are scrambling getting to work. as we have reporting for you, there is no face to face contact today between the union and the people. bart is offering a four year of contract with th
. and there are fewer commuters during the summer months. for more information you can go to our web page. our ktvu home page ktvu.com and click on the bart strike tab. if very -- sop are asking for a cog ever if -- >>> we think the city is hiding money in the budget. that there has been great revenue improvement with the housing boom here in oakland. and we think we can pay for all of it. but the city is not coming clean with the information. >> six unions will be represented in today's picket line. police, fire, and emergency workers will not participate. online services also will in the be effected. >>> time now 5:07. sal, come on back. you are watching the commute. what do you see on the east shore? >> i'm look agent the east shore freeway. i see traffic will be a little busier than normal. traffic is still moving but it's more congested. what we are hoping it will stay this way and be even instead of having a huge spike sat 7:00. it will be more like this for four hours instead of two hours of really bad traffic. it's happened before. this is a look at the bay bridge. you notice the cash lanes are
at san francisco city hall, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> after the state of california, let me pronounce you married. >> the other plaintiffs in the supreme court case, tommy and zariles tied the knot. the men's wedding happened about 90 minutes after the women's. they said they plan to fly to san francisco and celebrate with chris perry and sandy spear. other same-sex couple could not get married either. 51 got married. the marriage commissioner said he raced to city hall when he heard the stay had been lifted. >> within a few minutes i was here within a few minutes after the stay had been lifted. couples had started lining up already which is amazing. >> reporter: we checked in with other counties and they told us they saw only a few couples because the ruling came in so late and many people had not heard of it yet. >>> san francisco prepared for the city's annual gay pride celebration. almost 1-1/2 million people are expected to descend on the city and today's court action might bring even more. ktvu's patti lee is live in san francisco. patti with what may turn out the big
this newscast we'll bring it to you. live in downtown oakland, ken wayne, ktvu news. >>> now to jana katsuyama at san francisco's transbay terminal. and why some commuters say day two of the evening commute seemed to bring even more frustrations than yesterday. jana. >> reporter: frank take a look behind me and maybe you can see why. back there there is a line of people and i don't know if something has just broken out. we're hearing some shouting over there. people have been under a lot of pressure today. i understand that is a line for a bus to oakland. almost all the commuters we spoke with said today was worse than yesterday. longer lines for ferries, taxies and longer commutes. >> reporter: today was a test of patient. >> they're a lot more anxious. >> reporter: as commuters tried to get out of the city. long lines of cars seemed to be parks but were actually inches through san francisco streets. >> long day at work. it's very tiring. the b.a.r.t. needs to work something out. they need to carve some time off. in 45 minutes we've traveled a mile. >> the light was on for several minutes, we
'll have how long this trend is going to last, as ktvu's mornings on 2 starts right now. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >>> gomorning, everyone. it is sunday, june 38. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm in for claudine wong. it is another hot day that's expected possibly record temperatures in some area. let's check in with rosemary. good morning, rosemary. >> yes. just as hot as yesterday. in some cases, even hotter. the pattern is going to continue. now it looks like our cool-down may be delayed by a day. wednesday could be another hot one, especially inland. along the coast, we remain relatively mild. this morning, i'm seeing a little bit of patchy fog. a decent on shore breeze. we'll take a look at your temperatures and, of course, those afternoon highs, coming up. >>> happening right now, it is the culmination of an historic week for gay rights. today's pride celebration could be the largest ever in san francisco. organizers are predicting record numbers for the parade, which starts at 10:30 this morning. here's a look at what's happening
lived in richmond. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> let's get you to where -- do our best to get you to where you need to go. sal, you're busy, you and the chopper. >> we have new buses about the buses. temperature those buses are -- those buses are filled to capacity. west oakland buses can still take people. but again, the buses are full. don't bother going to those buses. you can go to oakland buses. you might want to think about casual carpooling, making other arrangements or going do west oakland where the buses are still available for you. let's take a look at the richmond bridge. a lot of people have been asking about this. can i use the richmond bridge into marin county and avoid the been? well, it doesn't look that bad. as you look at the richmond bridge, it has not been that bad into marin. remember, the golden gate bridge is also $6 heading down to the city. if that's what you want to do, i think it would probably be a decent alternate. there have not been that many people in marin county and the people in marin county have a little bit of room to share wit
with reporters spanning the bay area, monitoring the labor negotiations but first let's go right to ktvu's sal castanedo to help you get to where you need to go. we thought it would be lighter today. >> it could be people are getting into the office earlier, tori, at least that's what we hope. we hope it won't be as bad as it was yesterday. it's not starting out light. that's for sure. the east shore freeway will be south bay. southbound 680 will be slow as you head down south because of an earlier crash at durham road. it's clearing up. it's backed up all the way into pleasanton. i want to mention that, of course, we're trying to look at the east shore. you can see it's backed up from going fields back to the macarthur maze. 24 is slow coming back to the bottom of the hill to the macarthur maze. bay bridge, that's at least a one-hour delay before you make it on. it's very slow. a lot of people are taking the car into the city. 7:01. let's go back to the desk. >>> right now -- b.a.r.t. and its striking unions taking a break from the negotiations before they go back to the bargaining table late
. >> that's hot. thank you. >>> following this newscast coming up in about 10 minutes at 6:30, a ktvu news special, we will break down the high court's decisions and explain what it means for california. stay with ktvu for complete coverage. >>> the oakland as try to sweep dusty baker and the reds. >>> and happening now, a live look at san jose city hall where a celebration is just getting started. we'll be right back. >>> happening now, we want to show you another live look at the castro district in san francisco where people are gathering for tonight's rally. it will be a celebration in the prop 8 case. same-sex couples have been celebrating throughout the city all day following today's decision. it is a day that many people say they have been waiting a long time for now and now many are planning wedings. this rally is set to begin in just minutes. we've been following the developments in the castro talking with people, getting reaction following today's supreme court decision. >>> we want to go to our sports director where the as were trying to get the one-two punch against the reds. >>
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